The simplest way to collect
and organise content
on the web

Finally you can save and categorise all the amazing content and research that you do online in just a few clicks.

Ideal for students, creatives and passionate surfers.

Save anything

Unlimited folders

100% free

Create folders from anywhere


Use the + at the bottom of the screen both when inside the app or extension to create new folders.

Create. Name. Use.

Use Chrome Extension to save content from websites


Once you have added the extension to your Chrome browser and want to save something - simply click the Spoom icon in the top right corner of your browser - select folder and what to save. 

One or
multiple images

from YouTube


plain text

any site

Browse and share on
both desktop and mobile


All items are stored with source links so you can always easily get back to where you found it. 

You can also send it to a friend or move it to another folder. Simply hover on the blue circle on the top right corner of every item when you are inside a folder.


Get started and create your own and free content library today!